Kustom ProLaser® III


The ProLaser III’s sleek, compact, ergonomic design weighs just over 3 pounds (with the battery). The unit features a forward swept handle that reduces arm and wrist fatigue, allowing officers to comfortably target vehicles without the use of a shoulder stock or supporting rest.

Doubling as an instant range-finder, accident scenes can be measured and cleared 66% faster, thus facilitating the return to normal traffic flows. Additionally, accident scenes can be mapped electronically, eliminating clipboards, pencils and office data reentry. SWAT teams utilize this range function, as do the city traffic engineers.

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1 unit
2 batteries
1 charger
1 carry-on case
90-day warranty

Certificate of Accuracy included


10 to 6000 feet, Speed: 5 to 200 MPH


+/- 1 MPH, range +/- 6 inches, Beam Width: 3 ft at 1000 ft

Acquisition time:

0.3 sec for 60 MPH target

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15.5 × 7 in