YCG, Inc. offers full calibration services in-house and on-site for all types of speed-timing devices such as, RADAR, LiDAR, V-SPEC, ENRADD, VASCAR, ESP, Tracker, Stopwatches and Speedometers.

We now offer on-site LiDAR & RADAR calibration services.  We are a full service center; ask for pricing on repairing or refurbishing your equipment.

PA Pricing Changes & Benefits for Contract Customers

 2023 PA Calibration Pricing

Find out when we’ll be in your area.  If you would like to meet at any of the locations listed, please call 570-494-1150.

PennDOT Station Certificates

YCG, Inc. (formally YIS/Cowden Group, Inc.) is an approved inspection station in PA:

PennDOT Station Certificates