Contract Customers are those who receive 60-day calibration services and have submitted to YCG a signed service agreement for the current calendar year. Contract Customers are automatically extended Net-30 terms until their account is no longer in good standing.

Pay-Per-Calibration Agreement: Customers who choose to pay for the calibration services they receive after the calibrations are performed.

Prepay Calibration Agreement: Customers who choose to pay for the services for the entire year at one time at a discounted rate.


Non-Contract Customers are those who did not sign a 60-day Calibration Agreement for the current calendar year. Non-Contract Customers must pay for their services before or at the time of service. Non-Contract Customers who place orders directly through YCG will be (1) directed to the website for order placement and payment or (2) invoiced through QuickBooks; services and/or products will be held until payment is received.

Any order placed or paid for after 3 pm will be processed the next business day. Any invoice due on receipt must be paid within 7 days. Open orders beyond the 7-day period will be cancelled and you will be required to place your order online.


All invoices are sent electronically (email). They are sent to the billing email address provided to YCG by the Customer. Invoices can be faxed or mailed but a service fee of $10 will apply. Customers are responsible for updating billing information before any open invoices have become past due. Customers should also make YCG aware of potential payment delays before an invoice is past due so reasonable accommodations can be made. This includes situations such as approval meetings that won’t occur until after the invoice due date.


Unless other arrangements have been clearly communicated between the Customer and YCG, ANY delinquent account, regardless of your agreement type, will be suspended until full payment for past due balances is received. Late fees will be applied to past due invoices.

     – If you receive a reminder email and have already sent payment, then please reply to the email with your payment details.

     – If your invoice has not been approved for payment and you need more time to receive approval, then please reply to the reminder email with those details.

In either of the 2 situations listed above we may consider waiving late fees.

We will NOT waive late fees if no communication is received from the Customer within 7 days of your past due

notification. We will NOT waive late fees if your late payment is not received as indicated/promised. We will NOT waive late fees if you failed to update your billing contact information and in turn have not been receiving your invoices.


Contract Customers automatically receive Net-30 Terms as long as their account is in good standing with YCG. Non-Contract customers may request Net-30 Terms but must submit a credit application for approval. Net-30 Terms will be revoked for any customer who does not maintain a good payment history. A single late payment may disqualify the Customer for Net-30 Terms. Net-30 Terms will be given and revoked at YCG’s discretion.