E-type (ENRADD, ESP & Speedchek) training program consists of classroom and hands on, practical training. The training session lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a skills demonstration exercise and exam, which is needed to complete the training certification.

The V-type (V-SPEC, VASCAR & Tracker) & Stopwatch Training program consists of classroom and simulator instruction, a self-study/practice session, and a final examination. The classroom/simulator instruction takes approx. 3 hours. The self- study/practice session is completed on duty, using your department’s equipment. Then a final examination is administered, after which a certificate of training will be issued.

*Deposit/Full payment required.  YCG Contract Customers must pay $100 deposit prior to class.  Non-Contract Customers must make full payment prior to class.
If unable to attend, officer must notify YCG at least 24 hrs before class otherwise payment may be forfeited. 

Training Calendar

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