TDx – Samuel M. DeLosa

We purchased a 2021 Dodge Durango and during our conversations regarding the installation of the V-SPEC speed timing device that we typically used in our vehicles, we were introduced to the TDx speed timing device.  After a brief demonstration and review of its capabilities, we decided to switch over to the TDx in the new Durango.  Everyone has been very impressed and happy with the TDx.  The heads-up display is a major improvement over the traditionally console mounted speed units, the stored distance information, the ergonomics of the device, as well as the simplicity of use, make the TDx a must have improvement over previous devices.  Without question we will be updating our other vehicles with the TDx in the near future, I would certainly recommend any department looking to purchase a non-radar speed timing device to check out the TDx at YCG.