Repair Services:
YCG offers in lab repair services for ALL speed-timing devices. We also offer on-site repair and troubleshooting for your patrol car when having issues with your TDx, V-SPEC, VASCAR, or Tracker as well as on-site ENRADD system repairs.

Installation Services:
YCG offers installation kits for your TDx, V-SPEC, VASCAR, or Tracker to connect your speed-timing device to your patrol vehicle. Our solutions do not use the CAN-Bus signal from the OBD-II which is proven to be inconsistent for speed-timing devices and does not have the required tolerance per PennDOT’s regulations.  The installation kit will be set the specific vehicle and speed-timing device being used.  The kit also comes with an install guide, vehicle speed signal information, device testing and calibration information, as well as 1/2 hour technical phone support.

YCG Authorized Service Centers

The locations below have YCG trained technicians on staff that can install your TDx, V-SPEC, VASCAR, or Tracker device.  You can schedule with them directly to take your vehicle to their shop or they may come to you!

B. Moyer Radio Communications
21 N College St
Palmyra, PA 17078

Phone: 717-838-0220


TRM Emergency Vehicles
41 Spring Rd
Boyertown, PA 19512

Phone: 610-689-0702